Photocopying & Printing

Black Printing & Photocopying (Price per impression)

Size: A4
Size: A3
1 - 10 50c 80c
11 - 30
40c 70c
31 - 150 30c 45c
151 - 350 20c 35c
351 - 500 15c 25c
501 + 10c 20c


Colour Printing & Photocopying (Price per impression)

Size: A4
Size: A3
1 - 10 $1.50 $2.25
11 - 30
$1.15 $1.90
31 - 150 90c $1.50
151 - 350 80c $1.25
351 - 500 70c $1.00
501 + 65c 85c


The $2.00 media fee covers the service of accessing PDF documents from external storage devices (USB, CD, DVD etc) or when accessing PDF documents that have been emailed to us. 

A $5.00 service fee if additional assistance is required 

A $5.00 media fee will be charged when accessing files from your own email account (required to login through our computer system), if there is an excessive amount of documents (>5), if the files are not ready to print (word documents, excel documents, etc), or if the customer is unorganised with their file management and an excessive amount of time is required to retrieve and print the documents. 

The media is NOT charged PER FILE, but PER TRANSACTION. 

Paper Pens & Printing reserve the right to change the fee's charged if the print job is going to take longer than expected. 

All prices above are quoted as PER IMPRESSION on 80gsm white copy paper. Double sided printing counts as two (2) impressions. 

email your PDF documents with your instructions to

Need help converting your documents?
Most word and figure processing documents have a PDF option for the file type in the SAVE AS menu. 

If you don't, use this PDF converter to convert your files before emailing them to us or bringing them in on a flash drive.